Who me? Organized?


I’ve been on an organizational kick lately. I had just begun with some preliminary things (like my desk) when I came across a Go Paperless post at Styleberry Blog. The timing was perfect as motivation to keep going.

So far the biggest thing I’ve tackled is our office closet. The best way I could describe it was train wreck. It was a horrible, frustrating, dark hole made up of piles of stuff. One culprit was paper, especially design samples we kept as “inspiration” from our student and early designer days. Another culprit was boxes, including packaging we had designed and were keeping as portfolio pieces… all that stuff we paired down, tossed, or put up in the attic space. Then there were random items to go to Goodwill – a beautiful red leather Franklin Covey binder I don’t use but had trouble parting with for years, holiday ceramic jars that I’ve kept meaning to re-gift with holiday goodies, my ten-year old Toshiba laptop… you get the picture.

Bye-bye stuff, hello space!

Here are two excellent pieces of advice I’ve read recently:

  1. Put things where they belong. If something isn’t used where it is, then it needs to be stored somewhere else – kitchen stuff in the kitchen, office stuff in the office, etc. This may be obvious, but it was handy in helping me make decisions.
  2. “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Ah. Right. I was reminded of this William Morris quote thanks to Pinterest.

One thing I’ve moved from the office is fabric. It is now in the bedroom where the sewing machine is (soon to be Leo’s room, but oh well). On a photo tour of Melissa’s studio, I noticed she keeps her fabric in an Ikea Antonius frame with wire baskets. A lightbulb went off in my head – I have one of these! I emptied the top two shelves (full of clothes I hardly wear, which I moved to my closet) and replaced them with my fabric piles. Now, instead of digging down into a box, I can see at a glance all of the fabric I have on hand. Brilliant! (And yes, I agree, that is an awful lot of fabric for a person who hardly sews. Must do something about that.)

Isn’t that one of the greatest things about blogs? The way they can inspire us? Maybe you’re ready to tackle a project of your own now. Best of luck!



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8 thoughts on “Who me? Organized?

  1. Thanks for sharing. I have a few boxes full of fabric, so when I get some closets (hopefully soon), I will try to stick to your advices. I prefer drawers to shelves anyway, it is easier to find things in them.

  2. I’ve been trying to consistently pick up and de-clutter. We have so much STUFF!!! Argh! But it feels better when the house is picked up. Just. keep. telling. myself. that.:)

  3. I desperately need some organizing inspiration! (I too need to thin my sewing stash as it has grown in size!)


  5. I need to get rid of about half of what we have in our house! Love the inspiration here. I have a gorgeous card with that W.M. quote on it… somewhere… in the mess. Hmmm…..

    Fun to catch up with you today. It looks as if you all have had some fun fall adventures! Leo is getting so big and such a little doll-face!

  6. Emily! Your blog is amazing! Im a brazilian mom, my sweet 2 months baby calls Valentina! I live in Sao Paulo and work with textile and baby stuffs! Congratulations! All the best from Brazil!

  7. And now your post has inspired me! I have something similar to these wire baskets and would never have to use it to store my fabrics!

  8. Wire baskets are great since they are lightweight and porous.^

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