Halloween Pumpkins

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Years ago, before we bought our house, we lived in a townhouse complex that had a pumpkin carving contest every year. David made an AWESOME pumpkin (like the one above in the lower right corner) by drilling holes and filling them with a string of electric lights (a la Martha Stewart “celestial” pumpkins). That year he won a $15 Starbucks gift card.

Just like last year, Chloe loves to spot pumpkins, and this year she knows what a jack o’lantern is, too. We are actually going to carve our pumpkins tonight, after dinner. Here are some images that I find inspirational this year:

Pretty Pumpkin

Lantern pumpkins

Skull jack-o’-lantern


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One thought on “Halloween Pumpkins

  1. I like the one with the oak leaves. May have to try that next year.

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