Learn Something New – iPhone Edition


I learned two new things about my iPhone today.

The first is that you have to manually turn off apps. I guess I thought that simply shutting down the phone would do. Guess not. If you don’t turn them off yourself, then they will continually run in the background, draining the battery life. You can find the step-by-step instructions here (thanks Ohdeedoh!).

The second thing my husband showed me. If you turn on the Google Maps app, you probably know that the little pointer in the bottom left zooms into your exact location. What I didn’t know was that if you tap that pointer button twice the icon changes into a spot-light icon. Now, if you move the iphone around, the map moves around as well, acting like a compass to help you get where you’re going. Neat right?

And lastly, I thought I’d just mention the blog reader app that I use, called Slide Reader Broadsheet Edition. It has a nice visual layout where you can see an image along with the title of the post (see the photo above). It’s free to download on the iPhone, but $2.99 if you want the add-free add on, which I totally recommend. It helps that I recently cleaned up my feeds and switched from using Bloglines (which I loved and used for years) to using Google Reader, so it loaded right up. I tried other rss readers like MobileRSS and My Feeds, but I’m the kind of person where the visual experience counts for a lot.

Do you have a favorite app or iPhone tip? If so, please share!

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4 thoughts on “Learn Something New – iPhone Edition

  1. Super awesome apps! I’ve been searching for a blog reader for a while and am looking forward to testing out Slide Reader. The price was right too! And, OMG. EVERY app on my iPhone was running. Because I’ve never shut them down. Thanks for the tip!

    My fave apps are Hipstamatic (what photo doesn’t look awesomely cool when you use this app?);Baby Connect, which helps me keep track of the important things in baby’s day like the color of his poop (ha!); and 8mm, to shoot vintage-looking video.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I knew about the first two, but that third one I will have to check out! 🙂

  3. Caps Lock feature:

    > Tap Settings
    > Tap General
    > Tap Keyboard
    > Tap the Enable Caps Lock slider

    Tap the Shift key twice when typing. Instead of the usual glowing arrow that tells you your next letter will be upper case, the whole Shift key turns blue. Tapping the Shift key again turns Caps Lock back off.

  4. Thanks I am going to test now I bet I have tons running! Maybe I will even get to teach larry something!

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