Toilet Training the Toddler


Its potty training time for Chloe. For real this time. I’ve enrolled her into a swim class for late fall that doesn’t allow swim diapers. Yikes!

Chloe has been able to pee in the potty off and on since she was 18 months old, but she’s not consistent. That is my fault, because I haven’t been consistent. Honestly, it was easier to have her in diapers, especially while I was pregnant and then had a brand new baby in the house. Now I’m doing constant reminders to get her to go. Once in the bathroom, she goes almost every single time. It is getting her in there that is tricky. We’re doing a sticker chart and “something special” (m&ms, jelly beans, a marshmallow, whatever) every two successful attempts. We’re reading books like “Big Girls Use the Potty!” and “Once Upon a Potty (girl),” and “Time to Pee!,” but I just can’t motivate her to want to be completely diaper-free. Even worse, sometimes she stalls bedtime by sitting on the chair for so long saying she is going to go, or wants to go in the wee hours of the morning. OMG. I already get so little sleep.

Recently I found this site that says to “transfer all responsibility to your child” and “stop all reminders about using the toilet” because “she needs to gain the feeling of success that comes from doing it her way.” That has a ring of truth about it, but if I don’t remind her she ends up having an accident. Sigh. So I think this weekend I’ll phase out the reminders and just see what happens. Fingers crossed.

Note: Yesterday we were out all morning so there aren’t as many green dots because I let her wear a pull-up. Today (pink dots) it is still morning. Half a day yet to go. We’re using dots because they are cheap and I don’t have to wait while she decides which one she wants. Sometimes she’ll ask for one and we’ll put it on the back of her hand as a visual reminder. The Paul Frank Stickers are for going #2 in the potty.

I made the chart we’re using, but you can find a whole bunch to try for girls, for boys and here.

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4 thoughts on “Toilet Training the Toddler

  1. Oh yuck! I hate, hate, hate potty training! I laughed when I read the PF stickers were for poop and the kids wanted to see. Kip said, “she’s only pooped three times!” Good luck. I used potty training in one day w jules.

  2. Oh, I am with you! We’ve been in that limbo phase with Nora for a few months now. I should be better. Henry was lots easier. She’ll be back in daycare full time starting next week. I’m pretty sure our daycare provider will be better than I am… maybe it will carry over to home. 😉 Thanks for sharing the resources. I’ll go check them out.

  3. Yeah, it is certainly high on my Not Fun list. Unfortunately the PF stickers meant she’s only pooped three times in the potty, the other times were in her diaper/training pants. Again, Not Fun. Thanks for letting me know about potty training in a day. They had really nice free sticker charts, so I added the link above. 🙂

  4. Cute chart! And good luck. I know what you mean–Amelia has been interested in the potty for awhile but it’s much easier to be able to depend on diapers than to spend a zillion hours in the bathroom. She uses the potty to stall naps too, and I am sure she will use it to stall bedtime when it occurs to her.

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