Foaming soap pump makeovers


We like foaming hand soap in our house (see the previous post for just one of the reasons why). For kids, it’s less messy than bar soap, and it pumps out, spreads and rinses off easier than regular liquid soap. We even use it in shampoo form – more suds for the hair and less running into the eyes.

Seeing two empty pump bottles laying around made me wonder if we could re-fill them with our own home-made version. And guess what? All it takes is just a portion of liquid soap mixed with water. We filled our pump containers about an eighth full of regular liquid soap and filled them the rest of the way with water. Voila! Turns out the technology isn’t in the soap formula, but in the pump itself.

I’m so happy we discovered this. Now a bottle of regular soap lasts us so much longer, and each amount of soap costs a fraction of what it did before.

Extra fun: I peeled off the labels on our used soap pumps and gave them each a makeover. See the “before” photo here. The colorful one above is for Chloe’s bathroom and the black and white one below is for ours.

Update: Even though I used “permanent” Sharpie markers, the ink actually comes off if scraped too hard. They’d probably last longer if sprayed with a fixative. I wonder what would be a better medium? Some sort of paint?

Floral designs inspired by Sandra Isaksson.

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6 thoughts on “Foaming soap pump makeovers

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  2. 8/13/11
    Hi Emily,
    I found your website when I googled images of bamboo floors from Costco.Please tell me how your floors are holding up. I live in Hawaii and can’t find anyone who has installed these floors. I really love the look of your floors and I share your love for finding beauty in the simple things of life. I’m so happy to have found your website.

  3. Hi Lucricia,

    So far our new floor is holding up beautifully. My husband installed it himself and we get compliments on how nice it looks. Of course, it has only been in for a few months, so I don’t know if we are a good gauge of performance although we have kids and a dog. I would definitely say go for it. The price can’t be beat, and it says it has a 50 year warranty. Only, be aware that you will need to purchase extra since occasionally you’ll find a few off color, and be sure to mix planks from several boxes so that you don’t end up with a noticeably different looking section – this is a natural product with variations after all. Best of luck!


  4. Aloha Emily,
    Thank you for responding to me about the floors so quickly. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  5. I see that you are using Weleda products too. 🙂
    You made a lovely decoration on the pump bottles.

  6. This is awesome! I was just thinking how much easier the foaming soap makes hand washing but it seems to run out so much more quickly than the non-foaming liquid soap. Thanks so much for the tip, and I love the bottles!

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