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I guess with two graphic designer parents it is no surprise that Chloe loves art and crafts of any kind. Thankfully, it keeps her occupied for long periods of time, too.

When I’m tired or don’t have the time to clean paint brushes, I give Chloe Q-tips. They provide a different painting experience, and allow me to toss them when she’s done.

We have a bad habit of ruining play-doh by leaving it out to dry. Making it at home makes me feel less guilty, and its cheap and easy. Here’s the recipe and instructions, but you must let the salt dissolve in the water first, or the play-dough ends up with a grainy texture.

The photo at the top shows Chloe making a collage with her My First Scissors. They are rated for kids as young as four years old, but Chloe uses them just fine at 2 and a half (and under supervision). When she asks to “do cutting” I just hand her some pages from our recycle bin along with a glue stick, scissors, and a sheet on which to paste. It occupies her time, helps to develop good hand skills, and she enjoys it. All good things.

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7 thoughts on “My Little Artiste

  1. the q-tips are such a good idea! cora loves to paint, but if i get busy with the baby, i worry that i’ll come back to a mess, so i say no to painting a lot. this would at least make it a smaller mess.:)
    hope you’ve been able to get some sleep!

  2. I wish I had thought of the q-tips myself, but I saw them being used at the Children’s Museum and could instantly see their benefit. I say no to painting too, sometimes. Chloe is pretty good about keeping the mess contained, but sometimes it splatters on the floor, or some such, so it does take some effort on our part.

    As for sleeping, Leo still wakes in about two hour (rarely 3 hour) shifts, and I’m wondering when and how I can begin to sleep train him into longer shifts. I’m going to start looking in to it. I’d be interested in how you guys manage. 🙂

  3. Another fun thing that Chloe occasionally enjoys is playing with shaving foam (plain, cheap, drug-store variety). She’ll sit and smoosh it around, play pretend in it with her plastic animals, and just enjoy herself. Plus the clean-up is much easier, with no stains. I got her the “extra-sensitive” kind, but wish I had gotten her the unscented kind instead. Even after a couple hours and a good washing up, Chloe still smells a little like an old man.

  4. The apple never falls far from the tree. 🙂

  5. You are a posting queen lately! Love those scissors they’re now in my amazon bag! Ava loves shaving cream we also use dry erase markers on the windows another easy clean up!

    As for sleeping let me know if you find anything that works! I am too tired to train when she wakes up I just want to feed her so I can go back to sleep!

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  7. I made a goal for myself that I would post every day (M-F) the first week of August. Then, because I was able to do that successfully, I amended it to every day the entire month of August. It is challenging to find the time, but I enjoy it, and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment that is not always associated with the kids. 🙂

    Yes, those scissors are great for little learners. I also got a pair of Fiskars Pre-School Spring Action Scissors that we haven’t used because the other ones work so well.

    I do the same thing on sleeping – just feed him to get back to sleep asap. However, he slept four hours straight last night, which was a record, so maybe he’ll just train himself! 🙂

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