Iron-On Transfers for Baby


A neighbor friend of mine kindly brought us a bag of baby clothes she scored at a nearby yard sale, including several white onesies. I love the simplicity of plain white on babies, and since there were extra, I though I’d finally use the iron-on transfers I got when Chloe was little. I’m not sure why I left them languishing in my craft drawer, except that maybe I had too much fun doing freezer paper stencils on her little shirts (OMG – looking back at that photo totally makes me laugh about how bald she was!).

I used an iron-on transfer on this shirt for myself, so figured it would be about the same. Well, it was mostly, except that the directions said specifically “let cool completely” before lifting the paper. I didn’t heed that warning however, and tried lifting it off while it was still warm. Ah, Patience! Anyway, I re-ironed and it left only a slight smudge on the one side. Anyway, I learned my lesson and Leo has a fun new shirt!

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2 thoughts on “Iron-On Transfers for Baby

  1. Oh, Leo looks so adorable! His new shirt, too ! 🙂

  2. That is so gorgeous!

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