Chalkboard Paint


I know its seriously early to start thinking about kid or even toddler rooms, but I just love this idea from BHG – chalk board painted walls. The perfect (and manageable) response to a kid who says ” I want to paint my room black.” This would work particularly well for us, because we already have a chair rail along the walls in our soon-to-be nursery. And in the case of a younger child, you could always paint the lower wall instead. According to BHG, the trick is to pair the black paint with brighter hues to bring in color and light, and to add some black accessories. Love it. Via Ohdeehoh.

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2 thoughts on “Chalkboard Paint

  1. We did this in our basement playroom in Seattle – we turned a small wall into a big chalkboard with green chalkboard paint. We also used a molding to frame it in and hold the chalk and eraser. I loved it. I would do it again in a second if I had the right space for it.

  2. I just bought chalkboard spray paint today (and already used it). It’s an alternative to painting objects, other than flat walls.

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