Ode to Our Honda Element

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Last weekend when we took a day trip to Hood River, we were amazed at how many Honda Elements we saw there. Ours looked right at home among the mecca of outdoor enthusiasts. I also noticed that vanity plates were surprisingly popular. The ones I can remember are BLU BOX, and my particular favorite on an all black one: HMR JR.

We’ve had our Element for about a year now, and it has been great. It’s easy to drive, gets fairly good gas mileage and feels comfortable. It’s also particularly good for trips and when loading up with large items like building materials, garden soil and mulch. Not only does it fit us and our dog, it also fits our friends and their dog! The only two unfortunate factors are that it is slightly noisier on the highway (making the carpet mats a necessity) and the rare times when parking is tight – passengers sitting in back have a tight squeeze getting out, because of the “clamshell” style door. Normally, this is awesome and allows for a large open space for easy access. We considered getting one of the fun colors (David’s brother and sister-in-law own an orange), but we knew we’d be less likely to tire of the silver.

I spent a little time surfing the net to see if anyone else came up with good Element vanity plates (besides ELEMENT) and found these decent ones: ACME AIR, MINI HUM, LAMINAT, UGLYBX, BLAKBOX. Obviously, “BOX” pretty much says it all.

But what I enjoyed most are these photos from flickr:

So appropriate!

Named after someone’s blog

WWJD – As in “What Would Jesus Drive?” This cracks me up!

This is the best one of all. I didn’t get this at first, but the person who snapped this photo provided a link to this video:

More videos in this unusual series can be seen here.

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