Chocolate Soda (Old Fashioned Egg Cream)

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In honor of National Ice Cream day, I thought I’d share these tall, dark beauties that I craved almost incessantly during the last few weeks of my pregnancy. It was cool, chocolaty, and refreshing, just the thing for any hormonal mama. As a matter of fact, it was going to be the follow up to this post, but baby Leo decided to show up a couple weeks early and then I forgot all about it.

Here’s the recipe: Pour chocolate syrup in the bottom of a glass (or chocolate fudge topping thinned with milk). Add two generous scoops of rich chocolate ice cream. Then fill ‘er up slowly with sparkling water, with a little whipped cream on top. Sip slowly and enjoy!

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One thought on “Chocolate Soda (Old Fashioned Egg Cream)

  1. That’s not an egg cream. It’s an ice cream soda. An egg cream does not contain ice cream; it’s just milk, syrup and sparkling water.

    The old fashioned egg cream was originally a cheaper alternative to an ice cream soda, but now it’s often enjoyed in its own right as a separate thing.

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