Butterfly Craft Punch


It has taken me a while to write and send out thank you cards for the shower gifts we’ve received. To me, writing a thank you card is serious business. I really want each one to be heart felt, and to let the giver know how meaningful their gift truly is to me. Each card has unique thoughts, and because of this I usually only complete 2 or 3 once I finally sit down to write.

Originally, I bought baby specific cards, but they’re almost all gone. Plus, it is more interesting for me to use different cards, instead of the same ones each time (even though I know they are going out to different people). That is where my new Martha Stewart butterfly craft punch comes in (on sale at Michaels a few weeks ago). We’ve had these cheap, generic thank you cards hanging around for a while. All it took was a few pieces of scrap paper and voila! a new look to otherwise plain cards. I’ve done both glued and sewn versions, as shown above. Also, if you haven’t already seen them, butterfly collages are a really fun way to use this punch, too.

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6 thoughts on “Butterfly Craft Punch

  1. SO cute! There’s a ton of great ideas out there for these punches, but I love your colors. Great job.

  2. this is a superb idea.
    i need to start doing this.

  3. What a beautiful and thoughtful thank you card! The receiver will definately know how much you appreciate their gift:)

  4. So cute! I want one of those craft punch…

  5. A great idea and beautiful cards!
    I make cards by myself as often as I can. Only once I sent Christmas cards that I bought in a shop but it didn’t feel so personal.

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