A Nod to Aging


Now that I’ve reached past my thirties, I’ve begun to notice a dramatic difference in my skin. The plus side is that acne has mostly become a thing of the past, but the negative side is that wrinkles, large pores and freckles from too many outdoor adventures and not enough sunscreen are starting to make a permanent show.

Luckily I have a blend of my mother’s somewhat wrinkle resistant oily asian skin and my father’s fairer and finer-pored white american skin. I know I need to start being more careful in the sun because age spots like my mother’s could be a problem. Is it possible to have age spots at 32? If so, I think I may have found one.

Lotion with a built-in sunscreen has been a toiletry staple for me ever since I bought my first bottle of Mary Kay lotion SPF 15 from my friend Janine’s sister about 8 years ago. I had moved in with Janine for a few months in St. Paul, MN between jobs in Yosemite National Park, CA. All that high desert altitude and sun could have been seriously damaging, but thankfully I believed in the power of sunscreen even then.

I’ve long since outgrown Mary Kay, but not my SPF. Most recently I found a great product at L’Occitane – their Immortelle Very Precious Fluid. I decided to try for the big guns (and unfortunately big bucks). It’s an anti-aging product that “mattifies and brightens” plus includes a full SPF 40. See? I wasn’t kidding about the big guns. It was time to go for the full defensive.

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2 thoughts on “A Nod to Aging

  1. Alas, something I probably should be attacking with the big guns as well… My skin has always been so finicky though, that when I find a lotion or foundation that I like, it’s hard to tear myself away from it, and what I have been using for ages, doesn’t have SPF.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment pricklypearbloom. Its true, finding a decent product with spf that isn’t too shiny, too smelly or generally too weird feeling is definitely hard. I hope you find one soon, though, because you’ll be happier later if you protect your skin now. Maybe you could write to the brand you like and suggest a new product, or make your own formulation with a couple drops of face-specific spf. I did that for a while and it worked pretty well.

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