Sewing Baby's Blanket


Here’s a peek at our new Ikea dresser and bookcase. Holding up the lamp
and shade is Louis the lion, one of our many wonderful shower gifts.

I finally sat down to sew baby’s blanket. The print side is leftover Alexander Henry Kleo fabric from the lovely crib skirt my mother-in-law made, and the back is pink dot minky. At the baby shower, we received two pink and white minky quilts, so I was able to return one and buy a yard of plain pink minky fabric instead.

I noticed the price of minky varies widely at our local shops. I first saw it for $20/yard where we purchased the Kleo fabric. Then I bought it elsewhere for $15, and used a coupon. Later I found it at Joann’s for $12.99/yard, but their pink wasn’t the right match.

The other thing about Minky is that it is a little hard to work with, as my mother-in-law warned me. Plus I’m a newbie sewer and had never made anything with stretchy material before. Knowing this, I tried to put in a little more effort – smoothing out the material, pinning it more often to keep creeping to a minimum, using a longer stitch length to keep the edges from buckling, decreasing the tension, and sewing it with the minky side down.

I started by cutting out matching rectangles from both fabrics. With the right sides facing, I stitched the perimeter with rounded corners, leaving a small open section at one end to turn it right side out. I trimmed and graded the raw edges, turned it right side out, and then top stitched it about a half inch from the edge. The finished size is about 30″ x 40″. I think it looks pretty good, considering.

Now, onto other baby projects…

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12 thoughts on “Sewing Baby's Blanket

  1. so very cute! I love that Kleo fabric. I have it in brown. I’m so happy to see everything coming together for you.

  2. Everything looks beautiful!

  3. That turned out very cute!
    I have learned that if you sew with the minky fabric on the bottom (it is the fabric that will be touching your feed dogs) it doesn’t stretch as much.

  4. It looks wonderful! Baby will love it especially since Mommy made it. 🙂
    You have to be careful with the quality of minky. The stuff at JoAnn’s is crappy- IMO. It’s super thin and will wear quickly. I would always stick with the more expensive stuff.

  5. Very, very, very cute. And that Louis the lion made me smile! 🙂

  6. Thanks for your sweet comment! You made my day. I’m feeling stronger everyday, but now my hubby (who took 2 weeks off work to help out here) has a fever and may have the flu! We are truly a pathetic bunch! 🙁

  7. it looks great! and it’ll be sooooo cuddly : ) you’ll get tons of use out of it, let me tell you.

  8. I love this blanket, very cute, and the material is to die for *drool*

    I have featured your tuts on my blog of baby craft 😀

  9. Hi, do you know what the print name is in your blanket? It’s beautiful!!

  10. Thank you so much for the tips for sewing Minky fabric. I recently mad a blanket as well and the minky stretched so it came out a little off. I will use your tips and pray it helps! Congrats on the new baby!

  11. Looks great!! I sewed a blanket with minky in December as a gift. It was a new challenge indeed. Learned a lot and found myself pinning alot more than normal. Will make more glad I took a leap out there. I will be making more in depth and challenging gifts.

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