Hello from DC!


Chloe in the sand box

Hello from the DC area! Chloe and I have been here a little
over a week, visiting with my parents and sister. It’s been quite
cold here, and silly me, I didn’t bring our warmer coats, so our
outings have been somewhat limited. However, that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying the nearby parks and nature center.

Chloe & Grandma, at the Nature Center

I am always amazed every time we visit either set of grandparents, how Chloe just blossoms from all the love and attention. I get to watch from my rare position on the sideline as her vocabulary grows, and her individual personality develops as she interacts with other members of her family that she rarely sees.

Now that Chloe is quite a talker, sometimes I worry that she will pick up bad language habits while she is here. My dad has an endearing, but grammatically incorrect, “baby language” that he uses with her (and Likely used with my sister and I), but so far I haven’t noticed her responding in a similar way. Sometimes it’s good to remind myself to butt out and let Chloe have her own experiences with others, uninterrupted by my motherly instincts. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Hello from DC!

  1. Congrats!

    You have been nominated for Babble’s Top 50 Art & Crafts Bloggers for 2011! We would appreciate it if you can send us a recent photo of yourself to lisa at babble dot com and patricia at babble dot com so we can include it with our profile on you and your blog.

    There is no specific dimension for the photo but for best quality, please make sure it is large or at least 423 px wide. Thanks so much and hope you’re enjoying your time in DC!

  2. It looks like she’s having a great time! I am amazed myself at how much they’re picking up these days, languagewise. Two must be the magic age. Terrible and awesome all rolled in one!

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