Umpqua Weekend

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Asian pears, right before picking

This weekend David and I drove the 3 hours south to Kevin & Jerry’s farmhouse near Roseburg, where we met up with our friends and the two Austrians who were visiting them. It was a wonderful two days – swimming in the river, eating delicious meals together al fresco, enjoyable conversation, munching fresh fruit off the trees, the peace and quiet, leisurely reading and finishing a knit hat for baby. Several times I found myself pausing to marvel at how completely content I felt. It is rare for me to really be ‘in the moment,’ but there I was, basking in all the happiness I felt, hoping I’d be able to recall it later. I’d say a little prayer of thanks for such a wonderful place and wonderful people. It was a beautiful feeling, and good to be reminded how blessed I am.

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  1. I love such days and I know exactly how you felt. I think that these last days have been the same for me – I feel content. I just hope these days will last for a little bit longer. And you have so much more to look forward to – your little girl!

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