Hooray for halfway!


20 weeks pregnant today and only 20 weeks to go! Check out that belly self-portrait taken last weekend (19wks). Pretty big, right? From the look (and feel) of it, you might even think I was further along, especially compared to this photo of my 20-week belly when I was pregnant with Chloe.

One thing my midwife noticed at my exam was that I’d gained a noticeable amount of weight since my previous appointment. Yep, it seems I am becoming all belly with a side of extra butt thrown in. And a little in the face, too, I think. She kindly explained it away as “likely to do with the holidays,” but I can’t say that is for sure. When I was pregnant with Chloe I gained a whopping 40lbs. I think it took me almost 6 months to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. This time I was hoping to gain only a healthy 30-35lbs. Perhaps with spring and summer coming, I’ll be able to keep to that goal.

Earlier this week we also had our regular ultrasound. David got off work early, and he and Chloe were both there. Chloe is too young to really get what is going on, but I like that she participate. So far everything seems okay. We got another confirmation that it is a boy, and I’ve been feeling him move around in there for weeks now. Soon David and Chloe will be able to feel it, too.

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7 thoughts on “Hooray for halfway!

  1. Wow! Half way! That’s awesome! You look great. I gained a whopping 60 lbs. with each and am back to normal. You’ll be fine, lady. Enjoy.

  2. It’s definitely different the second time around, isn’t it? I feel like my body said “Oh yeah, I remember this!” and popped my belly right on out, way earlier than with Cora. Thank goodness it looks like a pregnant belly though–I hate that in between time when it can be mistaken for a beer gut! You look great. And this reminds me that I need to be better about taking belly photos! Only 1 in 28 weeks.

  3. You look lovely! Congrats on making it to halfway! How fun to be feeling your little guy kicking around.

  4. You look so pretty! 🙂

  5. Happy Half Way! You look good!!!!

  6. Many thanks for stopping by my blog. You look absolutely lovely! Congratulations! The second pregnancy feels different in so many ways, doesn’t it? I’m glad I can follow along on your journey now (and it seems I will be making a chocolate buttermilk cake here very soon).

  7. You look wonderful!! Adorable belly pic! Congrats on the halfvway mark… Warning it goes sooo fast! Just think when your little guy joins us Ella will be five months old! Crazy!

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