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I’ve been looking at a lot of bathroom photos lately, now that ours will soon be torn out. Some of these photos just blow me away with their beauty and style. Although the luxe options shown here are way out of our price range, the challenge is figuring out why they look so good, and if it is possible to glean some of their magic with more widely-available and affordable options. For example, I’ve noticed I tend to like the contrast of dark brown and white. I also like glass tile, especially in aqua and other shades of blues and greys. I think bathrooms are one of those rooms that can stand a little drama, especially now that we’ll have more than one.

And here are some important lessons I learned when we remodeled our existing bathroom 5 years ago:

1) Although I like the look, using 1×1 floor tiles and 2×2 wall tile leaves A LOT of grout to clean. Not making that mistake again.

2) In order to save money, we didn’t do any accents. The walls are white and the floor is gray. We call it “classic,” but it really just looks kinda plain.

3) Our current bath faucet doesn’t let us adjust for pressure, just on and off. We ended up buying a special bath toy so Chloe could play with a small steady drip of water in the bathtub and not a loud deluge.

4) We left the old ugly tub because it would have cost a fortune to replace (we’d have to rip out the exterior wall just to get it out). Since then I have always lamented not replacing that yucky thing. The effect of the remodel was ruined by how worn that tub was. It will be a relief when it is finally gone!

For fun, I priced the Heath Ceramic Oval tiles (shown above) at Ann Sacks – $75 per sq foot, meaning that the dark blue tile must have cost over $4000 alone, not including installation. OMG!

This vertical blue accent is striking. We’re going to do something like it in our shower, aligned with the showerhead and faucet. Maybe blue glass?

Feldman Architecture modern bathroom
We have gray glass tiles similar to this as our backsplash in the kitchen. Unfortunately they are on the wall that will be ripped away to open the kitchen into the new dining area. Oh well.

Sorry, I don’t have links to every photo – I didn’t collect them originally with the intention of sharing, but I did go back and find links for some.

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5 thoughts on “Musings :: Master Bathroom

  1. How exciting!!! I would love to redo our master bath! We too would have to find ways to get the look we want without the cost! Love the dark wood, white square sinks and love love glass tiles! Dare to dream! I cannot wait to see what you end up with!

  2. Our second bathroom has a solid tub/wall combo. Although a little 90s, it is soooooo easy to clean. No grout!

  3. Beautiful bathrooms! One of ours is in light blue and white tiles, and I like spending time in it. Kind of comforting…

  4. Wow – You have me longing for a new lou myself! I think you are absolutely correct with smaller vs. bigger tiles. Cleaning them can be a beast. We opted for the largest tiles you can buy at Lowes. (I think we had like 6 seams on our floor!) I would also recommend two things: Tile that goes all the way to the ceiling and a walk in/around shower. I HATE cleaning shower doors and don’t get me started on curtains. The walk in/around is relatively cheap (depending on tile) and the easiest thing in the world to clean! Just hose down the whole room! 🙂

    I love the idea of a pop of blue and think you are so right with the notion that bathrooms can handle the drama.

    Can’t wait to see your progress!

  5. I love the photos you pulled! I think we have very similar styles, although I’m reluctant to commit to any color this time around. I put a blue mosaic tile in our hall bathroom that I loved 7 years ago, but now I’m over it. I’m leaning toward grey floors and white tile and vanity for our master bath, even though it’s a bit boring. I figure I can always make it pop with a fun paint color. I’m in loooove with carrara marble.:)

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