Crafty Felt Fun


My friend Greta is literally about to pop with baby-girl number two, yet somehow she has found the time and energy to post about some amazing felt toys and accessories that she’s made for her two-and-a half year old daughter, Ava. I can’t help but find these objects beautiful, functional, and oh-so-inspiring! Click on the links for more details and photos on her blog.

Hair clip ribbon with leaf pocket for ponytail holders

Felt Roll-Up Play Mat

Felt Tea-time Goodies and other Play Foods

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3 thoughts on “Crafty Felt Fun

  1. Dang, she’s crafty. Impressive.

  2. Thanks for the shout out em! You have been inspiring me for years glad I could return a little inspiration! Just wait for the nesting phase to start. With being home it was 10 times worse than with Ava!!! Smiles to you!

  3. Beautiful, but remember that you make beautiful things too. 🙂

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