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Big news – As of right now, we are currently moving forward with plans to add on to our house! Can you believe it? For years David and I have been discussing  ideas on how an addition would make our tiny home so much more liveable. And now I think it might finally happen!

How will it look? Well, basically our plan calls for a rectangular push out into the back yard. We’ll be losing our office space (boo!) to re-convert back to the garage, and losing our existing bathroom to make way for a hall. We’ll be putting both those rooms back within the new space, but what we’re really gaining is a large dining room (and possible small play space) and a second bathroom! What we are also not doing is making any changes to the kitchen, which is hard since it is so tiny, but it is serviceable, and we’ve decided it isn’t as high a priority to us as being able to sit at a real dining table.

That is one of the hardest parts about planning out our new space – figuring out what our priorities are. We plan on living here for a long time and raising two kids, plus we have a dog. It didn’t make sense to do just a part of it now, and hope that we’d add on again later. It is much more cost-effective to break up the house just this one time. And honestly, I’m nervous (and pregnant!). How will we cope with all the racket of construction as we continue to live in the house? How will Chloe nap (light sleeper that she is)? What about dirt, dry-wall dust and other airborne particles with a newborn baby around? Will there even be a working bathroom during my last trimester? So much to think about!

Lastly, all we can do right now is design on paper, but we all know that the way things look on paper and how they look (and feel) in real-life can be different. There are so many questions and choices. I can only hope we are making the right ones for us!

Just for the record, our humble shoe-box ranch looks nothing like Niek Geurts‘s modernist Lego house (above). While we love modern, our neighborhood association is strict about matching the current look of the structure. With my husband and daughter so into Legos right now, I thought it was a cool example of the possibilities.

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9 thoughts on “Home addition!

  1. Ooo…so exciting! We had our kitchen redone when we moved to this house. It was a pain, but one quickly forgets. And I have a neighbor who always does a big house remodel weeks before giving birth! Must be a nesting thing. Hope it’s not too crazy!

  2. Oh, wow! I can empathize with you once again! We’ve also been discussing an addition since we moved in 7 years ago, and decided it was finally time now that baby #2 is on the way. Not sure I’m up to the stress while pregnant, but I figure it’s easier now than with two little ones running around! We just got the plans back yesterday and hope to get bids next week. My mom keeps reminding me that it always costs more and takes longer than they say.:) Good luck!

  3. Good Luck! Making it into you dream home 🙂

  4. That’s great news Emily! Are you sure you want to leave your kitchen alone? We have an unused dining room and I wish that space was added to our kitchen, mostly for cabinets. It is big enough and we use the island for all our meals even when we have guests.

    Either way, I’m sure you are making it fit your lifestyle. Good luck!

  5. So exciting I cannot wait to see the finished product!! I am sure it will come with some craziness but well worth it in the end! Contests on moving forward!

  6. Wow! Great news! But just relax, don’t try to think so much about negative sides of this so soon. You will cope with that when it comes into your life, now it is important to think of the bright side of your “new home”. 🙂
    Good luck!

  7. No way! What do your plans include? Good luck with getting bids – we have a contractor friend that we decided to go with, but just in case we also interviewed two others to be sure the estimates were similar and just to see how we felt. We also used Angie’s List to look at some reviews, etc. And you’re comment about doing it now, versus having two little ones around is exactly what I’m thinking, too.

    I think you’re mom’s advice is also correct. Unfortunately, we’re going to surpass our original budget which is going just for our “water tight shell” (framing, foundation, doors, windows, roofing, etc) and we’re going to put in at least another major chunk to finish the inside, which we are hoping to do mostly ourselves. So we’ll see how that goes. We’re talking about having me and Chloe go for a month-long visit out to my parents while the majority of the work is going on. Are you thinking the same?

  8. I’m glad you asked that Charlotte – yes, we did think long and hard about the kitchen. Due to its shape and placement, any changes we could make would be in the “major $$” category, so we decided against it. However, what will happen now is that the kitchen will now open up and be part of the dining area, actually making it somewhat of a “greatroom” (and not an enclosed formal dining room). The open space will really help the house feel bigger, and make it easier to have people over for dinner – they won’t feel claustrophobically squished against the current kitchen doors and walls. There will also be a new set of french doors leading out of the dining area, which means we will remove the current back door in the adjoining laundry room, making it a laundry/pantry (sort of). It seems to work in the plans, so I’m hoping it will work in real life too!

  9. Emily,

    Opening up the kitchen sounds like a good plan. I think that’s really what will make all the difference especially for entertaining.

    Good Luck!

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