One snowy day


Although I lamented that our Colorado visit would include no snow, it finally did snow the day before we left. It was perfect: cold, soft, white, and a special experience for Chloe that she will rarely ever get in our part of Oregon. She had a great time, especially being pulled on her first sled ride. Despite freezing fingers and a rudolph-like red nose, she hardly seemed bothered by the falling temperature. I had to go in and warm up long before she did (plus my camera was getting soaked). Chloe was just having too much fun.

And here is the one glimpse I saw of the wood-pile rabbit. What a cutie!

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5 thoughts on “One snowy day

  1. Looks like she had so much fun!!! Love the snow 🙂

  2. So beautiful. And I love those gnomes!

  3. Looks like so much fun! Great shots too!

  4. The bunny is giving Chloe a run for the money in the cutey-cute-cute category!

  5. Ooh, where did you get that sled? I need to get one too. Chloe looks like she’s having a blast and I’m sure my daughter will too.

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