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Neenah Paper's Dewey Color Book

This morning David and I had breakfast at the Hawthorne Cafe where West Coast Paper Rep Laura Waxlax and Neenah Paper Rep Kerrie Bonner presented great new samples including the new/updated Eames line – which carries some of my favorite papers.

Neenah does a great job designing their samples and they’re always fun to get. This set included an interesting book developed from a simplified version of the Dewey Color System by Dewey Sadka. Dewey’ owns an incredibly succesful employment agency worth millions. He believes that a person’s color preferences can be used as a tool to interpret their personality. Neenah’s version only reveals positve information (naturally).

There are three easy steps to find your profile:

  1. The first choice is between Yellow, Blue or Red. I chose Blue and the paragraph begins by saying “You are a dreamer and a visionary – wistful, imaginative and eccentric…”
  2. The second choice is between Green, Purple or Orange. I chose Green: “You have fun nurturing and supporting others…”
  3. The third and final choice is between black, white or brown. I chose Brown: “Even when they don’t ask, you’re able to tell others what they need. Your amazing awareness instantly identifies practical solutions. Issues are resolved more quickly thanks to your realistic approach and clear understanding of what’s actually required to complete a task. This is your great talent. Use it to promote sound business practices and positive work environments. You are the dream-maker. Everyone benefits from your sound advice, especially you.”

Hmm, I guess I should take my advice more often then.

You can go to the Dewey Color System website to get your own free profile overview.

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2 thoughts on “Dewey Color System Profile

  1. WOW what fun!! I love tests like these… thanks for the link. It is interesting here is my response
    You’re a Practical Wizard
    You understand what people need to do to be more practical in their lives. By keeping your distance, you are able to identify the best available resources. You’re constantly conducting an investigation of how to better use money and cultivate talent.
    The passionate you is a fast-thinking, logical self-starter. You ask pertinent questions with a no-nonsense style. Then, you tend to blurt out the obvious. You make sure that essential needs are met and you invent better ways.

  2. I tried the links to take their tests and received error messages.
    Very disappointing,but I guess they still get points for that.

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