Turkey surprise for the kids


We will be spending our Thanksgiving with good friends again this year, and thankfully, we’re only responsible for bringing rolls and making the gravy. The hostess was considering seating the four toddlers at their own table, and while they are too young yet for popcorn, I thought this idea was a clever way to add some whimsy to a kids table. Instructions can be found here.

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3 thoughts on “Turkey surprise for the kids

  1. Gravy?!?! I think that’s so hard!
    Glad you got snow.
    Have a very happy Thanksgiving, Emily!

  2. Your gravy was delicious by the way! I’ve eaten it with every plate of leftovers, and have added more to each consecutive plate. I’m officially a gravy fan now!

  3. I had never seen this before it’s awesome!!!
    I don’t even care that it’s Thanksgiving is over, I’m doing it!

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