Chloe’s Top 5 Favorite Baby Toddler iPhone Apps


A couple posts ago, Greta left a comment asking about our favorite toddler iPhone apps. We’re happy to share, and I’d love to hear about other’s toddler faves. Here is a list of Chloe’s top 5:

Peekaboo Wild
This is a companion app to Chloe’s original favorite baby app, Peekaboo barn. Chloe still enjoys seeing and hearing the animals that appear with an easy tap of the screen. There is a lite version of Peekaboo Barn, so you can give it a try. Very easy to use with sweet illustrations and sounds. $1.99 (and the only kid app I’ve purchased for more than 99¢).

Wee Giggle
This interactive app has cute illustrations, many of which move, change and/or make entertaining sounds like laughter and giggles when touched. This app has long term toddler entertainment value, and Chloe especially enjoys the satisfying pop of the floating underwater bubbles. FREE

Wheels on the Bus
This classic song is made extra fun by interactive illustrations similar to Wee Giggle (above). The main difference is that each verse has it’s own corresponding ” page”. We also have one of Duck Duck Moose’s other apps Itsy Bitsy Spider. I only wish they had used a different vocalist, instead of the same one. 99¢

My First Words Flashcards
For those times when only an educational app will do, this one is great. A simple, clean photo appears onscreen along with the word spoken clearly aloud. We still use the free version, but the paid version unlocks many more categories to grow with your child. You’ll also be able to create custom groupings and add your own photos and recordings. FREE / 99¢

Talking Tom Cat
I downloaded this free app on a whim, and since then Chloe often asks for it specifically. It consists of a 3d model cat that repeats whatever you say, plus you can make it move and purr by rubbing its stomach, feed it a glass of milk and scratch “glass” with its claws. Video record your words and animation to share with others. We use the free version, but there is also an upgrade. FREE

If I get a chance later, I’ll try and list some of the free apps that are worth a look. Enjoy!

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10 thoughts on “Chloe’s Top 5 Favorite Baby Toddler iPhone Apps

  1. AWESOME! I have downloaded some stuff for Henry on our itouch but I didn’t think about looking for anything for Nora. She’s been a bit of a pill when we have to wait for dinner at a restaurant but this may do the trick.
    Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Emily, your blog is adorable. I love the overall design and your button! On another note entirely, when you find yourself looking for more kids apps, make sure to visit LunchboxReviews.Com. We collect, categorize and rate apps for toddlers, preschoolers and young children. 🙂

  3. Hey there- This is Erin from Night & Day Studios, the makers of Peekaboo Barn and Wild. Thanks for the shout out. We are so happy to hear it’s one of your daughter’s favorites. By the way, we are in Portland, OR!

  4. TFS Em! I am going to do one of these posts too! Duck Duck Moose and the Peek-a-boo games are also some of Ava’s favorites! Hope you are having a great time back east! We have to connect one of these days!

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  6. My kids laugh so hard at Talking Tomcat. It’s too funny to listen to them play with that app!

  7. Hi,
    I’m Francine a SAHM …. My husband developed
    Thought you might like to check it out. It’s a great free site geared towards babies and toddlers. They just put out some great pps…Peek a Bouncer and Calling All Kneebouncers. He assigned me the job of offering moms free app downloads, if interested. Thanks, Francine

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  9. An app that is more for toddler mothers than toddlers themselves but have to say its by far the most useful one I have had is the Baby Helper.
    Helps so much that I’ve kept using it although my daughter is almost ready to go to school 🙂

  10. Finally got an iphone so just looked up this post. The girls will thank you!

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