Wonderland Skirt


This darling skirt came in the mail from Australia for Chloe last week. It was handmade by my craft swap partner, Doreen. I adore the Wonderland fabric she chose, and that she thoughtfully left a small opening in the back, so I could fit the elastic waist perfectly on Chloe. Good thing Chloe and I wear vastly different sizes, or I might find myself stealing this little gem right out of her closet.

Some of Doreen’s other projects can be seen on her brand new blog Phil and Jack.

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3 thoughts on “Wonderland Skirt

  1. I LOVE this!!! I really really LOVE this the fabric and colors are fabulous!

  2. OHHH I wish I could sew:) amazing my grandaughter would love it

  3. So cute Love this! And it has butterflies

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