Resin Jewelry Video Tutorial


Resin and Silver-Plated Rings and Pewter Pendants by John W. Golden

I have always wanted to try making resin jewelry. It seems like it could be such a unique and versatile medium, but every time I try and search for the supplies, like the pendant casings, I never seem to have much luck. I’ve also searched many times for a resin jewelry class here in Portland, but either it my usually superb google skills let me down, or classes like this just aren’t offered in my area. Has anyone else had any luck? Anyway, my interest has once again been renewed by this 3-part Resin Jewelry Making Video Tutorial. It is a little drawn out, but the artist does a great job explaining his processs. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 found on

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5 thoughts on “Resin Jewelry Video Tutorial

  1. Sunwest Silver sells some really terrible southwestern findings, but I have found them to have the biggest selection of bezel cups of anyone on line. They probably have some with pendant hanger loops, but I just drilled through mine once they were set with a miniscule drill bit, and used a jump ring to finish them. Super fun and easy. Have fun!

  2. yes actually I bought mine at michaels craft store. It is a plastic mold so I always make sure to use some sort of mold release, otherwise im in for a tough fight getting them all out later. The second jewelry mold I have is simply a silicone ice tray I bought from ebay. I like it better simply because you need no mold release and it pops safely out with ease. The only problem with this one is that… its obviously for ice. The pendants you make will be very long if you fill the whole thing up with resin, so I usually only fill it in half way. I just took pictures of them if you are interested:

  3. I know it’s a year later, but I just found classes at Village Beads in Multnomah Village. They are small and fill up quickly, but they are looking at adding more because of demand.

  4. I am googleing the molds right now myself and found you. I’ll check out the tutorial. I went to Michaels and looked for molds and thought maybe candy molds would work. The best thing I found was silicone “brownie bites” mold. The size was bigger than I wanted though. I am looking for something more like your picture. I am also curious as to what resin everyone is using. I know that some of it yellows over time. Any ideas?

  5. Found lots of suppies on Etsy. They have not only the bezel cups and ring forms like was used in the videos but they also have the molds so you don’t need a bezel. Here is one:

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