Dear Chloe, 21 months old


Dear Chloe,

You are 21 months old today! Although I recently shared a couple of your big accomplishments, I wanted to include a few more tidbits about you this month:

• Now that you’ve mastered basic animals and their sounds, you’re taking a special interest in transportation vehicles: cars, trucks, trains (choo choo), airplanes, school buses and boats.

• Loud noises still scare you, although you’ve made a tentative peace with the vacuum.

• You like Elmo from Sesame Street. You point him out in the toy store, in books, even on your diapers. You’ve now watched two Elmo dvds and although you enjoy them, you really do not like Mr. Noodle. I’ve learned to fast forward through his segments in Elmo’s world. (Baby Einstein videos remain your favorite).

• Although you’ve always eaten beans (black, kidney, not green beans) you are really enjoying edamame. I think you like the process of opening the pods and popping out the beans by yourself.

• You could finally use a haircut. At least a bang trim to get it out of your eyes. I can’t decide whether to do it myself or just let it all grow out. You look quite nice wearing a clip to pull your bangs back, but your fine hair seems to reject even the “no-slip” kind.

• You’re learning colors, although orange is the only one you get consistently right.

• Today, the head of child care and another child care attendant both remarked on what a large vocabulary you have for such a young age. It does seem like you are surprising me with new words everyday.

Holding hands with Daddy at the zoo

• This past month we made a special trip to Ikea to get you some toddler supplies: the Latt table and chairs, Mala easel, Rusig rocker, Patrull bathtub mat and various art supplies. You were so happy the next morning to see your own child-sized table and chairs! Not a day goes by where they don’t get used. You call the rocker “Horsey” and when you ride it you say “Whoa! Whoa!” I think it won’t be long before you start saying “Giddyup!”

Playing with “Meow”

In your room, with buppy

Overall, we are having a wonderful summer, full of sunny days, splashing water fountains, summer dresses, local adventures and new explorations. We are so lucky to be able to spend this precious time together. I feel grateful to have you in my life and I try to remember that all this innocence and wonder probably won’t last forever. It is in the here and now, and that’s where I want to be too.

I love you my sweet little girl,

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4 thoughts on “Dear Chloe, 21 months old

  1. I think Mr. Noodle is creepy, too. She’s got good instincts!

  2. She’s adorable! Really…

  3. Always love your letters to Chloe! I agree about Mr. Noodle Ava does not seem to mind him she just says, “silly mr. noodle!” Edamame is my FAVORITE toddler food and Ava LOVES it also! I just love how some things seem to be so developmental Ava went from animals and sounds to transportation also. She LOVES anything that goes! Cheers, we need to get these girls together soon!

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