The Inevitable


Chloe and I were practically run off the road today by a woman who was texting on her phone while driving. Panicked, I honked my horn. She finally glances up, yanks her steering wheel the other way, over corrects, and eventually settles back onto her side of the road. I mutter bitch! under my breath and a few thundering heartbeats later, what do I hear from the backseat? “Bitch!” (except it sounds more like “Bits!”) “Bits…bits… …bits!” Four times do I hear this awful word echo from my baby’s innocent mouth. I guess it was inevitable. Really, can anything be so equal parts horrifying and humorous as the antics of a toddler? I drove in silence for a few minutes afterward, practically holding my breath, and then to switch gears I started singing songs. Thankfully, I haven’t heard her say it again since.

Btw – in Oregon it is illegal to use a cell phone while driving (unless it is a completely hands-free device). What good is that law if no one follows it? I see people on their phones so often, it’s ridiculous. Maybe there should be a movement – regular drivers who see cell-phone using drivers could honk their horns four times – one honk for each of these words: GET OFF YOUR PHONE!)

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3 thoughts on “The Inevitable

  1. It’s been the law in aus for so long, and still I see people all the time on their phones. I can’t imagine how angry it would make me if I had a little one in the car though, it’s so selfish!

  2. Scary isn’t it? A woman texting and smoking while driving gave us quite a scare the other evening. I just don’t understand how people can think that is okay?!
    As for the repeated word. I remember saying shit once in the car when Henry was about the same age. He repeated it a few times and I have never heard it again. He still hears an occasional word here and there and {luckily} {so far} hasn’t repeated any of them! We’ve had more trouble with Nora copying mean faces than either of them with bad words. 😉

  3. Ohhhh yes…I’ve been here more times than I’d like to admit. Your daughter and mine are very close in age so I rather imagine she’s in the mimicking stage right now, which is what gets us in trouble. I feel like I have a parrot in the house, so it makes me a little more careful but the slip-ups usually happen when I’m in the car. There’s something about being behind the wheel that brings out the sailor in me.

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