Dear Chloe, 20 months old


Dear Chloe, You are 20-months-old today!

I love the little surprises that each day brings, especially the smiles and laughter, hugs and kisses. New words especially are starting to flow, including two word combinations like “hold it” (you want to hold it), “see this” (you want to see something), “shoes (or socks, or hat…) on”, “(hair) clip in”, and one of my favorites “bless you!” (after sneezing). At the breakfast table just this morning you said “Daddy! Sit. Down. Eat!”

When I ask you “What’s your name?” you say “Co-eee!” When you see the neighbor’s black cat you say “Meow,” (you are really into animals and their sounds). You like to point out ownership of things, whether they are “Mommy’s,” “Daddy’s,” or “C0-eee’s.” When something is not quite right, like some juice has spilled, you make sure I know about it with choruses of “Uh-oh! Uh-oh!” and when you fall down I’ll hear “Boom!” often followed by “Up!” because you’ll want me to hold you.

You’re just now beginning to learn colors, and are becoming more interested in crayons and play-doh. Recently I suggested you draw with the yellow crayon, and you picked it out and started drawing. So you are paying attention! And you’re a big helper. If asked, you’ll pick up your toys and put them in your drawers, or move piles of laundry, or help wipe down the kitchen after a meal.

Mealtimes are getting much better. While several of your daily calories still come from snacks, you are (dare I say it?) eating more and feeding yourself with increasing skill. I still have to hide certain things (freshly pureed spinach into mayo as a spread on bread, or salmon into your mac and cheese) to make sure you’re getting a varied and healthy diet of foods you won’t eat individually, but overall, you seem to be growing, which I am very happy to see.

Every day you bring joy to my heart. Here’s to another beautiful month of summer with my sweet little girl,
Love Mommy

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2 thoughts on “Dear Chloe, 20 months old

  1. What a sweet little one. This is such a fun (and sometimes challenging) age isn’t it. Every day is something new. It sounds like Miss Chloe is having a lot of fun with language lately.
    The first and last photos are really sweet!

  2. It’s wonderful that you are enjoying the everyday moments. I know she’ll be so glad to have a record of your thoughts.

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