Today’s Randomness


:: At the gas station this morning, a guy in a new BMW 650i convertible pulled up next to me. I over heard him ask the gas station attendant for $14 of super-premium gas (btw, in Oregon, it is illegal to pump your own gas). Then he proceeds to ask the low-wage attendant if the gas there was any good. Not watered-down is it?

:: On the way to the store, I saw a license plate that said SIMRDN.

:: At the store I paid $5.99 for an ice cube tray, because David really wanted one and it was all they had. Granted, it came with a lid, but $5.99 for a molded piece of plastic?

:: At that same store, I saw a woman shopping with three kids. The boy was sitting in the shopping cart, the younger girl was sitting on the cart’s seat, and the baby was in a carrier on the mom’s chest. All three were calm and content, so much so, that the mom was also able to talk on her cell phone. I almost stopped for a second just to stare in admiration. But I couldn’t, because my one daughter was feeling fussy and constantly trying to climb out of the cart seat. It was all I could do to handle one toddler while shopping, but three? What’s her secret?

:: Later in the afternoon there was a knock at our door. It was our neighbor and her boys pulling their little red wagon behind them. They had picked blueberries off their bush and was going around “delivering” bowls of some of their harvest. Isn’t that the sweetest thing? Thanks to them we had a berry rhubarb crisp for dessert tonight!

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8 thoughts on “Today’s Randomness

  1. Well crap! I wrote a post last night, scheduled to post at noon today, with this exact same title.
    Are you in my head?
    Are you?

  2. It took me way to long to figure out the license plate!
    And I bet those three kids were screaming in the car- or at least I tell myself that.

  3. Okay, I give!
    What’s SIMRDN?

  4. Simmer Down?

  5. I think it’s saying “simmer down.” 🙂

  6. You had a nice day after all. 🙂
    I have to try your recipe, I have received lots of blueberries for my birthday… Yum!

  7. love the snap dragons and thanks for a glimpse into your day 🙂

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