Little Garden Visitors


Chloe and I play out in the back yard almost everyday. This year, early in the season, we bought several flats of fund-raiser plants from a neighbor. The growing color back there is wonderful! I’m also happy to report several mini-green tomatoes, zucchini, grapes and green beans peeking out from under their abundant foliage.

Yesterday, we saw an unusual amount of butterflies visiting our yard. Their drunken fluttering makes Chloe nervous, so she likes to have me close by. Unfortunately they were practically impossible to photograph. So we turned our attention to these little garden visitors instead…

Honey bee, back legs laden with pollen
Male “12-Spotted Skimmer” dragonfly, back view
Mason bee (I think)
Male “12-Spotted Skimmer” dragonfly, front view
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10 thoughts on “Little Garden Visitors

  1. Wow! Nice shots!

  2. what amazingly sharp photos. gorgeous!

  3. Really beautiful photos Emily! How lovely that your garden is growing so well. Funny to think of Chloe being nervous about the butterflies. Henry keeps trying to catch some in his minnow net and I keep pestering him to stop so he doesn’t hurt them. I am fascinated by them. We saw the most beautiful little powder blue ones when we were at camp in Iowa this past weekend. I never was able to get a photo of one though.

  4. Beautiful, Emily. What lens do you use?

  5. Hi Sarah – I pretty much always use the Tamron 28-80. I’d love to get a macro lens someday, but for now, this lens is versatile enough if I’m careful. 🙂

  6. Great Shots! As always your photos continue to amaze and inspire me!

  7. Awesome pictures! You took them with a 28-80? I guess I need to experiment more with the stock lens. Lately, I have been mostly using 50mm.

  8. So lovely!! Great images you have captured!

  9. Hey Charlotte, the Tamron lens isn’t a stock lens. I realize now that I should have been more specific and written 28-80 / 2.8. It has pretty much replaced my 50mm, since packing a baby means less room for lenses, and the Tamron offers high quality and zoom in one.

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