My little mischief maker


Chloe is a bonafide mischief maker. Like any nineteen-month-old she’s curious and active, so a little bit of mischief is to be expected. But lately, I’m beginning to wonder if she isn’t a little over the top…

Take this photo for instance. You can see that mealtimes are one of our biggest challenges. Those toddler bowls that are supposed to suction to the tray? They don’t work very well. The mess itself is bad, but I really wish she wouldn’t rub the food in her hair.

You may have seen this photo before, or read this post about how Chloe has a thing for bras. I like this “Oops you caught me again” look on her face.

However, it doesn’t stop her from giving chase when asked to hand them over.

And this one takes the cake. Somehow she found a packet in the bathroom, peeled the paper off and stuck it on her shirt. I kid you not. Imagine my utter astonishment when she came running out to show me. OMG! It’s almost like she knows!

I ask you, is this what you would call a normal amount of mischief?!

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7 thoughts on “My little mischief maker

  1. That’s my little girl!

  2. Yes.
    And then they become teens.

  3. Love the last photo. Just the laugh I needed today!

  4. The last photo is so funny! You have a little comedian at home!

  5. HA! That is what you call personality!

  6. At least it’s just those things. Try cleaning up after a certain child dumped a whole gallon of OJ on his bed or seasoned his room with the entire containers of salt and pepper. How about flour and Sugar? And he’s only three!

  7. She is so adorable. The bathroom item she found I don’t think she quite knows that it doesn’t stick on a shirt. 🙂 Give her time.

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