To Potty or Not to Potty, continued…


(continued from previous post)

Ah, the fourth day. I guess I need not tell you how jumpy I was everytime I thought I smelled a little something, or if Chloe said anything that even sounded like “poopy”. I just didn’t want to miss the opportunity like I did the day before. However, this led to several uneventful trips to sit on the potty, especially after Chloe realized she could just say it and I’d practically race her to the bathroom. But it was all for naught. She didn’t go poopy even once that day. I mean, what are the chances?

Then there was the fifth day. Similar thing – she’d say it and we’d both run into the bathroom. Nothing. I gave her a squeeze packet of Plum Organics Just Prunes to see if it would help. That is one thing about the new vitamin/iron supplement. It sort of backs up the works. Good thing the doctor warned me to have prunes and pears on hand. Well, the prunes did their job. Chloe came to me and said “Mama!”, but then… nothing.

I said “Chloe, are you poopy?”

She replied “Poopy!”

“Do you want to go poopy in the potty?” I asked.


“Are you sure? Let’s go poopy in the potty!” and I try and usher her toward the bathroom.


“C’mon honey, let’s just try…”

“No, no!” Obstinate stance. Disgruntled look.

And there you have it. After all that, she did not want to go poopy in the potty. Can you imagine?! So much for thinking I might be getting off easy. But, then again, I do think she is too young (her little legs don’t even reach the ground when sitting properly on the chair). Plus, I’m not ready to deal with public toilets and needing to go once we’re away from home. Speaking of that, we’ll be leaving shortly for a two week trip to Colorado, so the timing is certainly not ideal. Maybe we’ll try again in another few months, or when Chloe turns two.

I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “To Potty or Not to Potty, continued…

  1. I feel for you. We spent a long time (pretty much the whole time from age 2 to 3) just introducing the idea of the potty to Sam. He was in daycare and some of the older kids in his room were using it, so he basically just spent that year absorbing the idea. We didn’t start potty training in earnest until he was three and we’re just now getting to the point where he’s pretty consistent about it and has even started having dry diapers during naps and through the night. The hardest part was getting him to want to sit still on the potty long enough to relax and then go. We used books and video games (which we then had to wean him off of, but that wasn’t too hard, thank goodness!). Good luck!

  2. Lol you are braver than I am to even start pre-two. My in-laws put a lot of pressure on me to potty train my oldest before my second one came. (Mind you bear was only 20 months when Goose came around). Thankfully the doctor talked me out of it. Now Bear is over 2 1/2 and we still haven’t made much progress. OH well. Have a safe trip!

  3. Kudos for trying! And Colorado. So fun. My sisters live there. I’m hoping to go this fall.

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