Camping at Lake Quinault, Olympic National Forest


I hope everyone had a happy Memorial Day weekend!

We decided to go on a rare camping trip to the Lake Quinault area of the Olympic National Forest. It was cloudy, wet, and very cold (Hello! Rain forest!), but we did enjoy a brief break when the sun made an appearance on the second evening. I was finally able to pull out my camera and once I started I could hardly stop taking pictures. Everything was just so verdant and sparkling.

We pitched our tent in a beautiful spot, surrounded by lush vegetation and old-growth trees, right beside the lake. With Chloe in her framed backpack carrier, we explored the nearby rainforest trails, including one leading to the largest Sitka spruce in the world. The Lake Quinault Lodge was also picturesque and charming with it’s rough, weathered facade and stately presence.

Overall, the weather proved to be our biggest challenge, and sadly, our air mattress sprung a leak the very first night. We had bought a new REI Kingdom 4 “family” tent on sale just a few days earlier, and although roomy, it had a poorly designed fly that didn’t keep out the rain. Luckily David played it safe and packed our old Mountain Hardware tent, too, which was much more suited to the wet and cold environment.

I think I was the one who enjoyed our trip the most. Chloe wasn’t thrilled about the long car ride, or sleeping in her coat, but she did remarkably well and had a good time. I’m also proud to say we packed everything we needed, including food for delicious and easy camp-friendly meals. Our last night we enjoyed a special dinner at the Salmon House Restaurant in the Rainforest Resort Village while we watched the sun go down behind the mountains. It was a moment of perfection for me. I can’t wait until next time (when hopefully it will be just a little bit warmer!)

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6 thoughts on “Camping at Lake Quinault, Olympic National Forest

  1. Wow! It’s so gorgeous, Emily! Bummer about the tent, but glad your man came well prepared!

  2. It looks like it was O-Mazing! I love living vicariously through your photos. Ahhh… the northwest. It was pretty much the opposite of what was going on in Michigan. It was actually the warmest Memorial day weekend I’ve ever had in Michigan.

    So sorry about the tent. Glad you guys brought a back up. And I’m way impressed you guys didn’t let it can the whole trip. I would have probably been a party pooper and packed up and gone home! 🙂

  3. It looks wonderful and I am glad that you enjoyed the trip. 🙂
    There’s similar weather here, but we all hope that it will get warmer and sunnier soon.

  4. Emily, how amazing! Your photographs are gorgeous! I’ve been longing to visit the Pacific NW and this really just cements that feeling for me. Good for you guys for being so prepared and making the most of your trip, even with bad weather. We’re plannig our first camping with kids adventure for later this summer.

  5. Beautiful pics! I am impressed despite the weather you always have an amazing time. True outdoor people! I am embarrassed to admit I would have checked into the lodge! HA!!!

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