Chloe is having a wonderful time with her grandparents. It is obvious she brings them great joy.

My Dad once told me he had almost given up on having a grandchild, and that the day Chloe was born was the happiest day of his life. A few days ago I asked him if this having a grandchild thing was all that he expected it would be. He said “Better. Better than I expected.” I can see that he means it. And my mom, well, I’ve heard her laugh more often this past week than I can remember. And that’s saying a lot.

In a perfect world, Chloe would get to see them and her Aunt Katherine much more than the every six months I’ve been able to bring her so far, only three times in her almost year-and-a-half (although my mom did come to Portland right after she was born). I hope to bring her once more before she turns two, while she can still fly free as a lap child. Hopefully we’ll be able to continue the trend, although having to buy two separate tickets in the future will not be easy on our finances. Yet, I can’t help but feel that being with family, and especially this amount of joy, is truly priceless.

Top photo: Chloe getting a taste of Granpa Bill’s ice cream cone from the pavilion in Old Town Alexandria. Bottom photo: Grandma Mai pushing Chloe on the neighbor’s tricycle.

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5 thoughts on “Visiting

  1. So glad you are able to take her to see your family. I know my parents love when we take the girls up to see them. I love the pictures of her. Especially the ones down town. Makes me feel home again!

  2. Glad you’re having a great trip! Grandparents are the very best.

  3. Emily,

    I read that kids who have grandparents around become well-adjusted socially.

    Since a couple of years ago, I made it my goal to see my family twice a year or about every 6 months. We also take turns – they visit us, we visit them so it works out good.


  4. I’ve got three girls and they absolutely love going to see their grandparents. I thing age can have a calming effect on people and I definately think my mam and dad are less stressed then when I was little. Obviously being able to hand them back after a couple of days helps 🙂

  5. nice to visit your site. Girls looks so cute.

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