Making Cute Hair Clips + Tutorial


I had so much fun making these cute and easy hair clips after finding several great tutorials (1,2,3,4,5). These are ideal for babies, but fun for older kids and adults, too!

I experimented with three different types of ribbon materials. The top three use self-adhesive paper-crafting ribbon from Joann’s, and the last two use regular ribbon secured with Fabric Fusion adhesive (I don’t know where our glue gun is, nor do I ever use it, although it would probably be handy here). The purple one and green gingham one in the center are wrapped with textured tape from Making Memories and were the fastest and easiest to make. I found instructions on this tutorial for making the bow on the white one. To embellish the green gingham clip, I glued on a white button and used the flower heads off of two brads for the ends. (Note: be extra cautious with this kind because of the possible choking hazard).

Postscript: I noticed that one of the tutorials linked above is not available right now because the author is doing some site work, so I’ve decided to do a quick version below. I am using the textured tape here, but you can also use craft adhesive or a glue gun to hold regular ribbon in place.

1. Materials needed: Metal single prong hair clip (I got my box from Sally Beauty Supply), about a 7″ length of ribbon, and adhesive. The lighter is for sealing the ribbon ends, if needed, to keep the edges from fraying.

2.Pinch the clip open and lay your ribbon beginning on the inside bottom, being careful to keep it on straight.

3. Wrap the ribbon around and adhere it along the bottom of the clip, making a nice crease at the tip.

4.Push the ribbon into the gap behind the pinching ends to cover the back.

5. Continue to wrap the ribbon up and over the top.

6. Bring the ribbon over the top tip (again making a nice crease here) and adhere it to the inside top of the clip.

7. Add embellishments, if you’d like.

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59 thoughts on “Making Cute Hair Clips + Tutorial

  1. These baby hair clips are gorgeous! I’m inspired to experiment more with alligator clips! Bookmarking this site. Thank you.

  2. Hi all, so I tried making the alligator clips last night. Using the self adhesive ribbon is definitely the easier option :)! I also used the hot glue method for wrapping the baby hair clip in grosgrain ribon but it didn’t have the same neat finish as the self adhesive ribbon. Thanks again for the tips. x

  3. New to Pintrest and love everything so far.

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  5. What glue do you use to make those clips?

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  8. I liked this baby hair clips. Its looks great.

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