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I had so much fun making these cute and easy hair clips after finding several great tutorials (1,2,3,4,5). These are ideal for babies, but fun for older kids and adults, too!

I experimented with three different types of ribbon materials. The top three use self-adhesive paper-crafting ribbon from Joann’s, and the last two use regular ribbon secured with Fabric Fusion adhesive (I don’t know where our glue gun is, nor do I ever use it, although it would probably be handy here). The purple one and green gingham one in the center are wrapped with textured tape from Making Memories and were the fastest and easiest to make. I found instructions on this tutorial for making the bow on the white one. To embellish the green gingham clip, I glued on a white button and used the flower heads off of two brads for the ends. (Note: be extra cautious with this kind because of the possible choking hazard).

Postscript: I noticed that one of the tutorials linked above is not available right now because the author is doing some site work, so I’ve decided to do a quick version below. I am using the textured tape here, but you can also use craft adhesive or a glue gun to hold regular ribbon in place.

1. Materials needed: Metal single prong hair clip (I got my box from Sally Beauty Supply), about a 7″ length of ribbon, and adhesive. The lighter is for sealing the ribbon ends, if needed, to keep the edges from fraying.

2.Pinch the clip open and lay your ribbon beginning on the inside bottom, being careful to keep it on straight.

3. Wrap the ribbon around and adhere it along the bottom of the clip, making a nice crease at the tip.

4.Push the ribbon into the gap behind the pinching ends to cover the back.

5. Continue to wrap the ribbon up and over the top.

6. Bring the ribbon over the top tip (again making a nice crease here) and adhere it to the inside top of the clip.

7. Add embellishments, if you’d like.

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59 thoughts on “Making Cute Hair Clips + Tutorial

  1. Super cute clips! Thanks for the tutorial. (Found you from whipup!)

  2. What a great idea! And you’ve posted so many choices, too. I love them! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What lovely clips, and such a nicely-done tutorial. Thanks for sharing…we’ll definitely be adding these to our to-do list (which is no guarantee that they’ll ever get done, but a girl can hope, eh?)

  4. So cute….I have bought a few for my daughter and thought about making some myself seeing how easy they are I am now going to have to try.

  5. Always wanted to know how to make these thank you for sharing this tutorial with us!
    hugs ginger

  6. What a cute idea, and super easy too! Thank you. I came by way of One Pretty Thing.

  7. Those are so adorable! Your choices of ribbon are so cute. And I love the buttons! Thanks for sharing!

  8. You make those cute hair clips look so easy! I’ll definitely be trying this out soon.

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  10. Thanks so much for the clear directions. The photos make it all so easy for visual learners like me!!!!! Here come some Christmas stocking gifts for the girls in my family!!!

  11. What a cute idea, I’m cutting my hair soon (donating to Locks of Love) and I’m sure I will need clips as it grows out again.

  12. I’ve always wondered how these bows were made! Thanks for example!

  13. Facile, pas cher, beau..que demander de plus ? Merci pour cette belle idées!

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  16. i tried bostock fabric glue..but it doesnt stick. am i doing something wrong or is that glue just a lousy glue?

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  19. that si soo cool

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  22. thank you for this tutorial

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  25. Thanks for the tutorial!
    Very tempted to try….. something to keep my 5 yo busy and she gets to use it after she’s finish. 🙂

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  27. Oh no, the link for the bow isn’t working, perhaps the site moved? Oh well, great clips, fun project, love it! And last but certainly not least, Thank you!

  28. This is such a fun project! I really enjoyed learning about making hair clips! This post has given me so many ideas. I love all hair clips that you created.

  29. just curious… does the self-adhesive ribbon hold up to wear? or does it peel off? i’m going to run down the fabric fusion glue. the hot glue gun i have isn’t working at all… i have to put GLOBS of glue on to get it to hold……… and then it looks like a wreck! 🙁 clearly, i’m an idiot. this seems to be soooo easy for others. maybe the glue stick i bought for the glue gun are crummy? is there a foolproof brand of hot glue?

    cute cute cute clips by the way!! 🙂 bookmarking this site! thank you!!!

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  31. Thank you so much, I have begun creation and my daughter just loves to help with these, (which also means she will allow me to put them on her!).

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  33. Great tutorial I was spending 7 and 8 dollars a pr for these clips and now I can make them myself and make them to match every dress I make! Awesome thanks soooooo much!!!!

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  35. Oh, my little girl just got her first hair clip for Christmas. It will be so fun to make more for her. Thanks for the tutorial. I ended up at your blog via my friend Sarah’s (Minnesota Madre).

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  38. I loved this idea and your easy tutorial, I made a couple of them for my little girl. They turned out super cute. Thanks.

  39. I have a friend that makes these and puts a velvet ribbon on the bottom inside to hold it in the hair better. She made my daughter some and it does seem to help them not to slip out so easily. Great tutorial too:) BTW go to Heather Bailey’s website she has some ribbon that is sooooo cute and not that expensive.

  40. VERY cute! 🙂 Another great tutorial, with a video, at


  41. I have linked to your tutorial because I am having a Hair Clip swap and have included some tutorials to help people along. Thanks for sharing.


  42. Thanks for the tutorial. It helped a lot and gave me some good ideas. I linked up to your site on my blog.

  43. Love the idea can’t wait to try it.

  44. Great tutes! Very nicely done! Thanks for sharing … I’ve posted a number of links. Feel free to stop by and add a few links of your own.

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  47. So very helpful! Thanks for sharing this….can’t wait to try it!

  48. So cute hair clips, this is great tutorial… thanks for sharing

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