One week ago today Chloe fell off our front steps and right into the rose bush. It was her worst accident yet. The right side of her face was a jumble of bloody cuts and scrapes, including a deep one on her forehead and her nose. After a quick phone call to the advice nurse, she suggested we bring Chloe in to see if she needed stitches. Thankfully, she did not.

Looking at her now, I am amazed at how quickly her wounds are healing. I fear she may have some scarring, but it is early to tell, and I hope hope hope that she won’t. I did learn something important, that Neosporin is not recommended for children under 2 (as it states on the label), mostly because an allergic reaction to the ingredient neomycin can develop if introduced too early. A better choice for toddler treatment is a double antibiotic ointment, like Polysporin. So far it seems to be working pretty well, although I’m considering a little vitamin e oil now that it has been a week. Hopefully most of the scabs will be diminished before we see the grandparents next week!

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2 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. Oh, no. I’ve heard good things about vitamin e, too. Poor thing.

  2. Oh my! So glad that she is recovering well. Thank for sharing the medical tips I did not now that about neosporine. Although I have heard great things about vit. E for skin I am sure there will be no permanent scares these little munchkins recover from most anything!

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