One Hot Weekend


A kid on the pier holding a crab

Holy cow it has been SO HOT these past few days. I have never liked really hot weather, and that goes double for pregnant me. Thank goodness it is finally cooling off.

On Friday, David and I drove to Hood River for a summer party with the company he’s working for. We were SO excited because we’d be getting our choice of windsurfing or kiteboarding lessons, which we’ve always wanted to do. Turns out it was so freakin’ hot that there was zero wind (which is what Hood River and the Columbia Gorge are famous for), so we couldn’t have lessons. Very disappointing. Otherwise, it was a nice time, although in the thick of the day I had to leave the riverside to spend a couple hours in the nearby air-conditioned library.

On Saturday, to beat the heat, we headed for the coast (along with a mass exodus of other Portlanders). After a short stop along the Wilson River for David and Alex to do some fly fishing, we continued on to the pier at Garibaldi to throw in crab rings. It was so blissfully cool there on the ocean. We caught some good sized crabs, but none quite big enough to keep. It was fun though. We saw sea lions and pelicans, and David and Alex caught little ocean fish off the pier while I did some reading.

In baby news, I went in last week for a regular check-up with the mid-wife. She listened to baby’s heart for a while before suggesting that I come back later in the day for a fetal non-stress test. Turns out baby has fetal heart arrhythmia. I’ve read that 1%-2% of all pregnant women have babies with this problem, and that it can often resolve itself, although it may also indicate health complications. Tomorrow we’re scheduled to see a perinatologist, who will hopefully be able to tell us more about our particular situation. Of course I’m hoping that it is really nothing to worry about, although I’d appreciate any prayers and health-giving thoughts our way.

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3 thoughts on “One Hot Weekend

  1. I’m sending lots of prayers and happy thoughts your way, my friend. Your little one is going to be okay.

  2. I keep fingers crossed that everything will be alright with your baby.
    My granddad has heart arrhythmia. He had never had any health problems, he had only trouble when he had to have a surgery – nobody wanted to do that. Eventually he survived three operations and he is still very healthy at 89 years. So, really, I hope all the best for your baby.

    Btw, you’ve been tagged. If you wish you can play along.

  3. Sending lots of prayers your way. I hope to hear that everything is okay. These little ones are so amazing that I’m sure everything will be alright.
    I had a nephew born at 23 weeks weighing in at 1 lb 7 oz. He’ll turn 8 next week and other than glasses and ADHD, he’s a regular kid. He’s been through heart, intestine and lung surgeries and made it through all of them with little problem.
    It’s amazing what babies can handle and I’m sure you’re little one will be well cared for.

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