Chloe with daddy’s iphone, one of her favorite “toys.”

Last week I started attending a women’s workout class that meets twice a week. After all, I only have 2 1/2 months to rid myself of some post-baby weight around the middle and fit nicely into a bridesmaid’s dress. I thought it would be a drag, but so far I’ve looked forward to those mornings. The class is upbeat, and I am not be as self-conscious as I once was. So what if I’m using 3lb weights when (almost) everyone else is using 6? I’m okay with that.

The downside of attending these classes is leaving Chloe in childcare for an hour. I’ve been told it is good for her, and for me, but so far she pretty much cries incessantly. They’ve found she’ll calm down briefly when placed in a high chair to eat the snack I leave for her, but other than that, she’s mostly just upset the entire time. It’s a shame, too, because I know she’d enjoy watching the other kids and playing with new toys under other circumstances.

This morning when I came to get her, she was being rocked in the corner by one of the other care-givers. Even if she happens to be calm when I walk in, her face usually crumples immediately when she sees me. And so it goes. Even now I smell the unfamiliar scent of perfume clinging to Chloe’s hair, and wonder what it must be like to try to calm a stranger’s crying baby among a roomful of other children. They tell me it happens, and they’re use to it, but still, it must make things harder. I am hoping that with regular attendance it might get a little easier for her. I hope.

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6 thoughts on “Workout

  1. You will look good in one of those dresses, I am sure. Wow! 🙂

    Don’t worry about Chloe; all this is very new for her and there are so many new people in the same room at the same time. My colleague works in a childcare and she tells me that is it not easy for such small babies to get used to so many things at once, but eventually they all cope well.

  2. Looks like Ava with my i touch HA!!! Modern day babies!

    Fancy…. Which dress?? I cannot wait to see some pics from this wedding!!!

    I am just impressed that you have utilized daycare at all… She will get used to it but as a mother I can just imagine how you feel not quite the same enjoyment level of time away when you know they are crying. Hang in there!

    And way to go on the working out… impressed!!!!

  3. My 12-month old daughter goes to daycare four days a week and still struggles with the child care center at my gym. New people. That aren’t Mom. Even when I pick her up at daycare she melts into my arms. It’s sweet to be needed, but…

    And what’s with the iPhone. In the mouth. Mine has to stay Out. Of. Reach.

  4. I almost had the same experience yesterday at the gym with my 9 month old Chloe. Must say I was confused that they let her cry for an hour without coming to get me. My husband said they probably thought me getting my workout was more important. I told them I would have liked it if they would have disrupted my workout, they looked at me like I was crazy. I might be crazy, but I would rather have a shorter workout, and a happier baby.

  5. Oh, no. Not fun. That hasn’t happened to me, thankfully, but my niece had a SUPER hard time seperating. Now she’s in kindergarten and could care less when her mom leaves. That’s a long ways off though. And hard to enjoy the workout when you’re worried about her. Take care.

  6. I don’t know how it feels since I don’t have a child yet but I would imagine it was uncomfortable. I guess it is part of teaching her to be independent.

    The one time I took Mulder to doggie daycare (free day), he kept jumping up the window to touch me. When I started to leave, he started to walk towards the door. Later when I picked him up he seemed upset and stayed in bed the whole night without interacting with us 🙁

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