When a little discretion is advised…


Check out the Cloak Bag. The photographer in me is really tickled by this, but if I saw someone actually shooting with it I’m sure I would think it strange. However, it does partially fulfill my desire for a small, lightweight bag to conceal my equipment when I didn’t want to be so obvious (which is often). That is one thing about dSLRs. They are so in-your-face when I’d rather they be as  discreet as point-and-shoots. I guess that’s the price we pay for better quality and control.

What do you think? Would you carry this bag? via

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4 thoughts on “When a little discretion is advised…

  1. this is such a good idea eh? but is the bag limited to holding only a certain length for the lens?

    btw, i love reading ur blog. great stuff.
    question for ya….what software do you use for your graphic design stuff? any software that u’d recommend – besides adobe photoshop the CS ones? just wondering what ur opinion on this is. I’m looking for something so I can do simple newletters or brochures or even a card here and there….not a professional, definitely just hobby level 😉

    thanks 🙂

  2. I would definitely use it. The camera bag we have now is a little clunky and to put away or retrieve the camera, it seems like it takes more effort than it’s worth. This is a great idea, and in colors I like. Even better.

  3. i don’t think i would use this bag. a camera bag, to me, is for protecting your gear. clearly with the end of the bag open it does not protect the lens. it kind of screams paparazzi to me. i just ordered a jill-e bag and i am very impressed with the quality!

  4. Seems a little more conspicuous than no bag to me!!! HA! But I agree there is no hiding a dSLR and lots of people seem to notice it!

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