Backpack/diaper bag exposé


Top row: Clif Kid snack bar, TJs cereal bar, Gerber fruit strip, 2 lollipops, graham crackers, apple juice box, TJs apple carrot fruit crusher

2nd row: receipts, coupons, Chloe’s sunglasses, large zip-lock bag (with 2 diapers, travel wipes and bib), small zip-lock bag (with Chloe’s birth certificate, insurance card, vaccination record, 2 single use thermometers, her doctor’s business card, emergency cash, and some of my business cards), travel pack of tissues

3rd row: gift cards, Hemp Organics lip tint in Earth, Eyeko’s Raspberry Fat Balm, change, 2 Daim candies

4th row: Kodak V550 camera, ear piece, cell phone, plastic spoon/knife, Wet Ones wipes (both Regular for serious germs and Extra Gentle for Chloe)

5th row: wallet case (with my ID, membership and credit cards), zipper pouch for cash and other cards, pouch with large re-usable fold away bag, post-it notes, pen, Clean Well hand sanitizer

This is a follow-up of my previous post. Please let me know if anyone else decides to do this. It would be fun to see the kinds of things other people carry, and I’ve learned some good snack ideas from other moms, too. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Backpack/diaper bag exposé

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  2. Woah mama! you are super organized- I need to take some pointers from you!

  3. I remember when I used to carry that much stuff. I still carry much of it even with 2 of the 3 in school. I hate not to be prepared. You seem to have it all down early on!
    I also always had was some sort of small toy. A car, train, notebook or action figure. Oh, and I had Tylenol, spf and some sort of diaper cream as well.
    A great snack is fruit leather although it can be very sticky!

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  5. My diaper bag’s pretty scary-full of stuff, but somehow we still manage to need items that are not in there. And so it keeps growing too as those items begin to make a regular appearance. Someday it will be the size of my house.

  6. This is too fun! I may have to give it a try next week. I’ve been juggling two bags, sort of, lately. I’d like to get it down to one though!

  7. WOW! Sorry, new visitor- jumped over through BlogHer ads! I am such a sticky beak and LOVE finding out what others carry in their purse- will totally have to do this just to see what I have in my bag!

    Love the backpack idea- will definitely have to do that once my son is a little older and I have to chase him around!

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