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I was listening to OPB in the car last night, waiting for David’s flight to arrive, when they mentioned Hauls. Basically, these are videos uploaded on Youtube by shoppers (aka haulers) to display their recent purchases. At first I found the whole notion ridiculous. But then I realized I’ve done sort of the same thing myself (albeit mostly in review format) on my blog. One listener posed a good question “Is this how we define ourselves, by what we buy and what we consume?” I think, in many ways, the answer is yes.

This made me think about my own recent purchase. Have you been to the dollar store lately? I don’t know why, but I never go there. I think of it as mostly a place full of unnecessary junk. However, I was looking for safety pins at the craft store the other day and ended up buying 100 asst. pins for $3.99. That seemed like a lot to me, but I bought them anyway, since the previous two places I looked were sold out. Then I got the idea in my head to check the dollar store. They carried 200 asst. pins for only $1. Much better! Sure, there is a lot of junk, but some true bargains, too. I think the trick is only buying what you actually think you’d use, and not get sucked into the but-it’s-only $1! trap.

So what did I buy? A box of colored staples, a package of Elmer’s glue, a roll of craft wrapping paper, and some safety pins, for the bargain price of $4. If only I could always be so successfully thrifty. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Dollare Store Finds

  1. Did that roll of craft paper come pre-decorated or did you stamp it? It’s very nice! I agree, if only every day we could be this thrifty… and I too fall into the BUT IT’S ONLY ONE DOLLAR trap… it’s hard not too there. Those are cool staples though too… the post makes me want to go see what’s at my local dollar store next week. 🙂

  2. Hi Nicole! The craft paper came pre-stamped, can you believe it? It is hard to see in the photo, but they are butterflies made up of tiny blue flowers and flourishes. Surprisingly modern looking. It is even made in the USA. Luckily there was only one roll left, or I might have purchased an extra. 🙂

  3. I know. I think it’s so weird! This idea that we are somehow defined by our purchases seems so limiting to me, but really it’s probably one of the best ways to really see what it is that we value. Money is of the utmost importance in our culture (for better or worse). It allows us to do the things we want to do. And it even allows us to dictate how we spend our second largest currency, time. I’m reminded of something I read in the New Yorker once about time. It says, “…how much [time] you spend — and how you spend it — reveals a great deal about how much you think it’s worth.” (Nick Paumgarten – The New Yorker, April 16, 2007)

    So maybe these Haul videos (and blog entries) really are saying quite a lot about us as it reveals not only how we are spending our money (and on what) but how we are spending our time (making these videos, etc.).

    Hmmm…I’ll have to think on this a bit more!

    Great post! – C

    {Not to worry, I wrote that quote in my journal… no weird-o memory lady here!}

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