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I did it. I dropped Chloe off at day care this morning. For and hour. For the First Time. I’ve never left her anywhere before, except for brief periods with her grandparents. It feels really weird. Exciting and a bit wrong. Sort of like leaving the house with only one shoe on. You know it is missing and it doesn’t feel right. But you can still run errands with only one shoe. And know that the other one is doing just fine without you, right where you left it.

A friend of mine started up a child-care co-op that I have yet to try. She printed coupon cards (that I got to design!) for AM and PM (see above), that you give to the sitter, so she can then use one when she needs child care. I want to take my husband with me to go see AVATAR again, and use one of my coupons, but it hasn’t worked out for us yet. Three+ hours seems like an awful long time. I’m hoping this will help me work up to it. You know, baby steps, and all that.

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3 thoughts on “Child Care

  1. Ah.
    The cards are awesome.
    Leaving a babe at daycare is hard, but I also kind of felt liberated.
    I worked for two years when Kip was 1 -3 yrs. I remember going out for lunch with co-workers the first day and it felt so good.
    Hope you get to Avatar- and that I can, too!

  2. WOW good for you!! Where did you leave her? It would be hard for me too but get easier I am sure! Yay for mom time!

  3. It does get easier. And you will realize that these moments apart make you appreciate her even more. I know it doesn’t sound possible, but it does happen.

    I also find that the time apart for me to recharge makes me a better mom to my toddler.

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