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I was Flickr tagged by Minnesota:Madre today. Well, actually, I was tagged days ago, but I just noticed it today.

The note said to take a picture of myself and post it on Flickr within 5 minutes of reading. I was like what?! Jeez. 5 minutes? Could I do it? Luckily my camera battery was resting fully-charged in its charger, but unluckily, I hadn’t showered this morning and had bed-head hair on the one side (thus the profile view). I finger combed the “good” side, did a quick swipe with the lip gloss sitting on my desk and leaned sideways against the backrest of my chair. A decent shot, but I wish I hadn’t cut off my chin. I wasn’t counting the minutes, but if I was a tad late it was because I had a lot of photos on my memory card to download (made worse because I have a bad habit of forgetting to erase previously downloaded stuff, grrr). Will be sharing some of those pics soon!

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2 thoughts on “Flickr Tag

  1. You did pretty darn good! I like the barrette.

  2. I think this is a great shot! I was tagged too and grabbed a hat to cover my bed head!

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