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What a week. Its has been unusually busy around here, but overall, that is a good thing. Despite this, I was able to steal some time away to finish two really good books. Reading is a guilty pleasure these days. Ideally, I’d read during Chloe’s naps or after she’s gone to bed, but sometimes other things like work, or feeding myself takes precedent, and Chloe is, unfortunately, a short napper.

It is not very often that I’ll find a book that truly draws me in like these last two have. The first one was Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. I really liked her first book Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. I remember being riveted by the torturous process of footbinding as suffered by a little girl who had no choice but to endure the agony of having her foot broken and reshaped just to fulfil her position as someone with status, wealth and beauty. I especially can’t imagine being one of the mothers who had to do this to their girl-children while actually accepting that it would be “for their own good.” Thankfully, those barbaric practices have been outlawed, and we live in a society where there is greater freedom of choice. The most torture a typical American girl might feel these days is the brief pain after getting her ears pierced. Lisa Sees second book, Peony in Love, I couldn’t really get through. I’m like that sometimes. I’ll start a book, get so far and just loose interest. Shanghai girls kept me through to the end, and I’d recommend it as a very good read.

The second book I read was The Time Traveler’s Wife. This book was fabulous!  Such an amazing story, and I’m not afraid to admit I cried at the end. It  ranks very high on my list of favorites. The story is intriguing and excellently written, so layered and woven in such a unique way that it might be one of those rare books that I could read again. I’m curious about the movie, so I just placed it in our Netflix queue (although I cannot see Eric Bana as Henry) and placed a hold on a couple of other Audrey Niffenegger book. Fingers crossed that they will be just as riveting as this one!

Is it just me, or do other people have to work as hard as I do to find good books to read? Why isn’t there a psycological test that can analyze your answers and then present you with an ongoing list of books that are just your type? But I guess this would be impossible since tastes change, and what seems interesting today could take the backburner tomorrow. Generally, I have specific preferences: I don’t like horror, or mysteries, or anything too painful and sad. I couldn’t read the Lovely Bones, for example, no matter how many friends recommend it. I like novels, romance and fantasy and usually prefer a happy ending. I also tend to gravitate towards female authors, although I do have a couple of male favorites.

Next on my reading list, It Sucked and Then I Cried by Heather Armstrong. (I was reminded about this book through another blogger’s recent post, but I can’t remember whose. Was it you?)

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3 thoughts on “Reading List

  1. I too was a sobbing mess with The Time Traveler’s Wife. You will have to let me know how the movie is. I haven’t brought myself to Netflix it yet! (Oh, and don’t ready My Sister’s Keeper. I enjoyed it, but you might think it too sad…and NOT like the movie.) 🙂

  2. I have a running wish list. Whenever I go to, it will list recommendations for me based on what I liked or bought. I then reserve it at the library or maybe browse at the bookstore on my next trip.

  3. I highly recommend Merle’s Door if you haven’t already read it.

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