Valentine Idea: Day 5 – Free Printable Cards


Print your own card – I had a little extra time to whip up two cards that are free to download and print! The “Your love means the world to me” flower card measures 3.5 x 5 inches and the diagonal label card that reads “Thoughts for you, my love, on Valentine’s Day” measures 4 x 6 inches. There are two versions of the flower card, one with the flowers printed on the cover and the other with the flowers printed on the side. The side flowers are there so you can cut them out separately and adhere them with foam tape for a 3-dimensional look (like in the photo). Enjoy!

Download version 1 | version 2 (3D)

Download Valentine Label Card

Need some more kid-friendly cards? Try this free Light-up Valentine printable.

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10 thoughts on “Valentine Idea: Day 5 – Free Printable Cards

  1. Very cool cards. The 3D version of the flower card is really nice!

  2. These are so gorgeous. And very sweet of you to offer some free downloads. Your ideas always inspire me.

  3. Thanks for this – i will feature this one my website 😉

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  6. All three links open up to one file that looks like it’s all three templates on top of each other for me. Which is too bad because I really wanted to send someone the label card.

  7. Hi Oopsie, Are you using an older version of Acrobat to open the pdf? I’m not sure what would cause the problem, but I’ve uploaded an alternate pdf. Hopefully you’ll be able to download and print it in time!


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