Making Modern Mother's Day Cards

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Handmade Mother's Day Cards

With Mother’s Day only a week away, I spent some time making cards for both my mother and mother-in-law. I briefly thought about buying new, which is something I really enjoy considering the many boutique-style card shops in Portland, but the ones I like always seem ridiculously expensive, not to mention that greeting cards aren’t very environmentally friendly. Truthfully, I have SO many old blank cards, note cards, fancy papers, saved cards, envelopes, embellishments and art supplies that I basically own my own mini-boutique. I decided to simply recycle and use what I already have.

I started with two blank white cards (left over from our handmade wedding thanks you’s from three years ago – a sign of how long I tend to keep things). For the flower card, I used a pre-made package of paper and rhinestone flower embellishments that I’ve had laying around forever. I cut the adhesive backing into pieces so I could arrange them in a pleasing shape before I stuck them on. Easy.

For the next card, I recycled a used one that someone once sent and cut out the three circles and butterfly. Then I attached them with small white foam squares to add dimension. One of the benefits of using this particular card stock is that it already has an embossed texture, including a frame in the middle to help direct the eye. Without it, I would have had to do a little more work with the design, but in this case simplicity works wonderfully.

For writing the message on the inside I usually like to use GellyRoll Glaze pens, which when dry leave a raised line that you can feel – almost like thermography. Instead I found better color matches with my Costco set of Gel’n Roll glitter/metallic pens (a bargain for a set of 50+ colors). After addressing and adding the extra postage for square envelopes, they are ready to be shipped off, right on time.

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