Experimenting with wings


I’ve been doing a little experimenting with Photoshop. It is an amazing program, and one I wish I knew better. Here I’ve played with adding little butterfly wings to a photograph of Chloe, and to a couple of my friend Greta’s photos. It is interesting to see the results. Aren’t these little girls darling?

Bottom two photographs taken by Greta Fleckenstein, and bottom set of wings by cocacolagirlie.
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7 thoughts on “Experimenting with wings

  1. So precious! I used to be pretty good with photo shop after three college classes, now it has been way to long. I hoping for a copy for Valentines day so I can re-acquaint myself with it.

  2. Funky! Julia turns two in a few weeks so I was going to buy her some. If not I’ll have you add wings to a photo!:)

  3. If you are interested in learning Photoshop better, I highly recommend the online classes put on by creative techs. If you can make the time when the class is offered you can watch for free. If you can’t make it the classes are very economical and you get a cheat sheet with most of them so you don’t have to take notes during the class. I am starting to sound a little like a commercial for them so here is the link and you can check it out for yourself.


  4. love those butterfly wings on the first photo! and what little angels to work with, so cute! i work in ps elements, no clue how to do anything this creative in the affordable version of ps.

  5. CUTE!!! Thanks for the pics! I love the one of Ava and Hope! My favorite one is Chloe’s! The wings are perfect with that shot! So creative!!!!

  6. I am just beginning to learn photoshop! I love your pictures and blog. I will come to visit again.

  7. Oh my gosh, they look so adorable!

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