Chloe’s playhouse


Isn’t this a fabulous little playhouse? Chloe’s Grandma Sandy custom made it just for her! What a lucky little girl. I can see years of fun out of this particular gift. It fits perfectly over our kitchen table and includes lovely details like windows complete with white eyelet curtains and pink ribbon tie-backs, a sewn-on garden hem, half yellow and half pink interior walls and little buttons to hold the door flaps open. That Grandma Sandy is just so clever, I tell you what. Of course Chloe loves it! What little girl wouldn’t want a cozy and fun place to play (or simply enter and exit over and over)? Thanks again Grandma Sandy!

See more photos in Chloe’s Playhouse Set. Other Grandma Sandy related projects include these baby bibs, appliqued handtowels, and nursery mural. Just wait until I get a chance to photograph Chloe’s Busy Book!

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12 thoughts on “Chloe’s playhouse

  1. OMG so adorable… what a crafty grandma and lucky little girl!!!

  2. I guess we would all need a playhouse like that from time to time. Gorgeous, a masterpiece! 🙂

  3. Very lucky girl, I wished I had one like that when I was little.

  4. oh wow! what a lucky girl 🙂 thx for the congrats!

  5. This is such a great idea!

  6. That is so cool!! Did you know she was making it, or did she stealthily get measurements?

  7. Beautiful! I would like to play house too.

  8. I want my own play house! So clever…over the table.

  9. This is a beautiful playhouse!

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  11. I am completely in love with the card table play houses, and my kids will definitely be getting one (or two!) for Christmas!! I’ve also included this on my website today. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  12. That is so cute! What a clever idea!

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