At the Halfway Mark


Self-portrait – at the halfway mark

I feel like it has been ages since I last posted and I was thinking about why that might be. Am I simply unmotivated to write? Not exactly. Am I out of tidbits and thoughts to share? No, that can’t be it either. So what is it? And then I realized. I think it is because I’m pregnant. I mean, I think about being pregnant and baby things quite a lot now, and I am secretly afraid that it will be all I’ll write about, or even want to write about. And would that be so boring? The same topic over and over? And then I thought, well, this is my blog. And I am pregnant. And it is not like I force anyone to read my entries at gunpoint or anything. As a matter of fact, I am always surprised to find that happens at all.

So. I guess, this will be a turning point for this blog, at least for now, to include some babyness (probably a lot). And hopefully, now that we know the gender of our little one, then some appropriate crafts will also make their way back into my agenda. Meanwhile, I think I’ll post about some baby things, just to get them out of my system.

P.S. Turns out our little peanut is a girl :-).

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9 thoughts on “At the Halfway Mark

  1. You look great! Hooray for baby girls! They’re much more fun to make things for. 🙂 Blog away about the baby. I’m interested and I’m sure others are too.

  2. I’m excited – I would prefer you blog then not blog, no matter what it is about. And I love babies and pregnancy so I can’t WAIT TO READ MORE!!

    that picture is beautiful, as well.

  3. Who doesn’t love baby talk? Your belly is adorable!!! Plus you have such great taste share what you love others will love it too!!!

  4. you look fabulous!! i’m not brave enough to take (let alone post) a picture of my belly (im 29 weeks right now)

    i love babies … and i’m having a girl too … so BRING ON the girlie crafts!!

  5. congrats on the news of the baby being a little girl. whoohoo! and i agree with the gals above. please blog about your life. now. being pregnant. and babies.

  6. I had to smile at your post and the photo you posted. So, so adorable! I am sure you will have even more readers of your blog than before. After all, it is your life and as you wrote, it is your blog. First of all, you should be happy. And there are so many people in this world who will be glad to hear about your baby and your life.

  7. First time leaving you a coment but I have been reading your blog sometimes, I really like baby talking I don´t have babies yet, but I love babies so much.
    Definitly I am interested in reading it now so I learn all about babies before I have them.
    Beautiful picture!

  8. gorgeous belly! i posted a pic on my blog, too!

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